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It’s no wonder that a lot of people have a negative opinion of a career in social care sector – has any other industry ever been so unfairly portrayed in the press!? Negative stories about poor care, long hours and bad pay seem to dominate every headline – even our own government has labelled those of us working in social care as ‘unskilled’. 

The truth is, the homecare industry is chock-full of genuinely caring people who are dedicated to making a positive difference to the lives of our most vulnerable members of society. People who go above and beyond to make people feel safe, respected, well-cared for and happy – where are those stories! 

Sure, the hours can be long, the work is hard, and there are moments that can take a physical and emotional toll – but the rewards are huge, and with an ever-ageing population, the care sector is one of the best industries in which to build a fulfilling and long-lasting career. 

The positive reasons to have a career in social care are many and varied – but here are 6 of the best!

1. You’ll Be Making A Difference To Someone’s Life

One of the most special things about working in social care is the way that even the smallest thing can make the biggest difference to someone who struggles with day-to-day life because of poor health or old age. 

Whether it’s helping with personal care, domestic duties, shopping and cooking, or simply having a friendly chat over a cuppa, the feeling of knowing that you are improving someone’s quality of life makes every day in your role as a carer worthwhile.

2. Learning New Skills And Building Confidence

A career in social care is an amazing educational opportunity. As well as having the opportunity to gain formal qualifications, there’s also huge scope to learn on the job with social care that you won’t experience with most other careers. 

This is because no two days working in social care are the same! You’ll learn to deal with different situations every day – which is why carers are such an adaptable and resourceful bunch! 

This wide range of experiences will provide you with transferable life skills that you can use to benefit your own family and even your wider community.

3. The Hours Are Flexible

A 9-5 job doesn’t fit into everyone’s lifestyle – and a career in social care is perfect if you need to work hours that fit in with your own personal schedule or to fit in around personal or family commitments. 

People don’t just need care during standard office hours! This means that there are jobs in social care that are available around the clock; live-in care opportunities for those who want to work for days at a time, daily visits during the morning, afternoon or evening, or overnight care. 

4. Every Day Is Different

With most jobs, you pretty much know what to expect each day – and that can definitely become boring! That certainly isn’t the case with social care. You’ll be looking after different individuals all with different circumstances, medical conditions, and with a wide range of ever-changing needs.

Everyone you care for and every encounter you face will be unique, which keeps the job fresh and exciting! If your philosophy is that ‘variety is the spice of life’, then a career in social care could be just what you’re looking for!

 5. You’ll Be A Valued Team Member

Being a member of a care team means gaining a whole other family! No one works alone in social care – you’ll be a part of a team who all share your values and goals and will provide you with a valuable support network.  

And it doesn’t end there… You’ll also be a part of a wider network that includes health professionals, doctors and social workers, as well as your client’s circle of family and friends – all of whom will work with you in the best interests of the person you are caring for.

6. It’s Fun!

The press and the media certainly doesn’t portray it that way but, trust me, a career in social care can be a lot of fun!

What other job will involve you working with such a varied group of individuals – all with different personalities and with different life experiences?


You’ll get to hear new life perspectives and stories from people with a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, and it’s inspiring to see the human capacity for finding the positive and the humour in every situation.

You’ll be working alongside like-minded people who will become cherished friends – all as dedicated to the welfare of others as you are. You’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other, ask one another advice, share your experiences, support each other, hug, laugh, and cry together.

You won’t find a career more life-affirming than one in social care, that’s for sure!

If you want to find out more about a rewarding career in the care industry, give us a call at Care In Kent. We’d love to help.