Care In Kent are proud to support Learning Disability Week, taking place on the 14th-20th of June.

This year’s theme is art and creativity – which have been great ways for those living with learning disabilities, and their carers, to stay positive and connected throughout the pressures and challenges of the last year.

At Care In Kent we want to share with you all of the ways you can support those who live with learning difficulties – whether they’re young or old.

What Is A Learning Disability?

Learning disabilities are unique to each individual who has one, but as a general rule those who live with a learning disability have a reduced intellectual ability and may find everyday activities, such as household tasks, managing money or socialising more difficult.

These difficulties will affect a person for their whole life.

Someone who has a learning disability will take longer to learn, and therefore may need support when it comes to learning new skills, interacting with others, and understanding information.

A person with a mild learning disability might only need support with things like getting a job, whereas someone with a more profound or severe disability might need full time support and care with every aspect of their life.

Learning Difficulties

Learning disabilities are not to be confused with learning difficulties, such as ADHD or Dyslexia, which do not affect intellect.

What Causes Learning Disabilities?

A learning disability occurs when the brain is still developing, either before, during or soon after birth.

A baby might be born with a learning disability if the mother has an accident or illness while pregnant, or if the baby develops certain genes.

Not getting enough oxygen during birth, a trauma to the head, or being born prematurely can also result in a learning disability.

After birth, early childhood diseases, seizures or an accident could also cause a learning disability.

Learning disabilities might be diagnosed at birth, or after a difference is noticed in a child’s development during early childhood.

The diagnosis of a learning disability can be a very emotional and difficult experience, but it’s the first step towards accessing support and care.

Whether someone in your life lives with a learning disability or not, I think we can all agree that resources of help and support for both them and their families is vital for living a full and enriching life. Learning Disability Week aims to raise awareness for those in our community who might be struggling to various degrees with the things we take for granted every day.

So, how can we help?

Show Our Support on Social Media

It’s no secret that people with learning disabilities are underrepresented in the arts, and so this year Mencap is going to be showcasing art from the learning disability community across social media.

To see what these talented artists have been creating, you can follow and show your support across these social media platforms:

Twitter: @mencap_charity

Facebook: @Mencap

Instagram: @mencap

Download Your Social Media Pack

You can show your support in seconds by downloading your social media pack that includes frames for your own content, Zoom backgrounds, art graphics, and graphics for your own social media.

You could raise money and support for learning disability charities by creating an online art competition or auction for those within your local community – or just by displaying posters and graphics across your own social media platforms.

To download your pack, and for more ideas of how you can support Learning Disability Week, click on the link below:

Make A Donation

You can make a difference to those with learning disabilities by making a one-off or monthly donation to Mencap.

£5 will go towards keeping their helpline open – a vital resource for supporting the families of those with learning disabilities with concerns about loneliness, isolation and social care.
£20 will help Mencap develop virtual services, meaning that those who need it can access support and help wherever they and whenever they need it.
£30 will find internet lessons to help a person with a learning disability to feel less isolated.

You can make a donation via Visa, Debit card or Paypal through Mencap’s secure site:

Care In Kent is passionate about supporting the most vulnerable members of our community, including those with learning disabilities – young or old.

Thank you for your support.