Maybe you are starting to think about what career you would like to pursue when you leave school, or maybe you fancy a career change – either way, a career in care can be a rewarding and satisfying one. There are many reasons to choose a career within the care industry, not least of all having a genuine interest in the welfare of others – particularly those more vulnerable members of society.

A lot of carers started out as volunteers, or even as carers for a sick or elderly relative or friend, and so to turn that knowledge and experience gained into a career is a natural progression. But those aren’t the only reasons… 

So, why become a carer?

You Can Pursue Your Passion

If you have a naturally caring and compassionate personality, and are passionate about the needs and comfort of others, then you are certainly fitted to a caring role. Why not turn this natural aptitude into a fulfilling career making a difference in people’s lives?

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You Can Meet New People

A career in the care industry will bring you into contact with people from all backgrounds and walks of life. As well as meeting clients, you’ll also be part of a team of carers and healthcare professionals, who will become friends as well as colleagues. The role of a carer also allows you to interact with members of your local community; ideal if you are interested in pursuing a career that gets you out and about and contributing to society.

Choosing a career in Care | Image of two Care workers for Care in Kent

It’s Rewarding

It goes without saying that knowing you are making a positive difference in someone’s life is incredibly rewarding. And when you become a carer you’ll be able to see and enjoy the results of your hard work every day. Enabling individuals to maintain their independence or supporting them in their own homes will be incredibly satisfying. To know that you have done your best to help, and have played an important part in helping people overcome illness or disability will give you a sense of accomplishment that is unique to the role of a carer. 

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It’s Flexible

Thanks to the huge number of roles available, all under the umbrella of ‘carer’, you are sure to find a career as a care professional that fits in around your studies or family life. Part-time and volunteer roles can be an excellent stepping stone to full-time care work once you are able, and the wealth of knowledge and experience you gain is invaluable.

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You Can Stay Local

Every community has members who are vulnerable, sick, or elderly, and so every community is in need of carers! A huge bonus of choosing a career in care is that there will be opportunities close to home; whether that be caring for people in their own homes, or in local residential homes or hospices. Aside from avoiding the inevitable stress of a daily commute, being able to work as a carer within your own community is incredibly rewarding.

You’ll Receive Proper Training

Whether you like the idea of a day-to-day hands-on caring role, or whether you want to continue moving up the social care ladder – maybe aspiring to a managerial position someday – a career in care offers all the NVQ training needed in order for you to be able to take your career in whichever direction you choose.

Choosing a career in care is one of the most rewarding decisions you can make. If you’re passionate about the needs and welfare of others, why not look at a career in the care industry and see how far it can take you. See available jobs