Do you have a big dream? To run your own business, maybe? To go back to school?…to fulfil that ambition that you’ve always had? Do you have a burning desire to follow your calling?

I do, and I’m finally following that dream; returning to nursing practice to become a Palliative Care nurse.

Caring for others has always been a passion of mine – as a mother of course, as well as it being the driving force behind Care In Kent – putting the welfare and needs of others first is in my blood and now I want to shout from the rooftops that I have been given a wonderful opportunity to return to the career I love, alongside continuing to provide care and support to the elderly through my business.

This compelling drive to follow my heart’s desire and extend my capacity and passion for caring for others in the field of nursing has really gained momentum during lockdown. In recent times we’ve all been made more aware of the significant difference that those in the caring profession make to others, and nursing goes hand in hand with that. It feels wonderful that I am continuing my caring career by doing something so significant and worthwhile as nursing; I feel excited, passionate, and filled with a healthy apprehension – after all, these are very different times for nurses, and returning to practice doesn’t come without its dangers, trials and tribulations.

So, what are the benefits of returning to nursing during this current climate, besides following a long held ambition? Well, we all know that the NHS is underfunded and understaffed, and as it’s such a treasured and much-needed resource it feels wonderful to have the opportunity to offer my support and help carry the burden. Nursing, in fact caring in any capacity, is very much a vocation, a passion – NOT a ‘job’, and certainly not a get-rich scheme! The women and men who choose this path do so simply because there isn’t anything else that can fulfil them or stimulate their ambition in quite the same way, and I include myself wholeheartedly in that.

There’s no time limit on fulfilling a dream – it’s not what you DO that counts, it’s what you ARE.

And this is me.