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There’s no denying that working in care is one of the most demanding and difficult jobs out there. No two days are the same, and often they can be long, tiring, and frustrating. No job will take you more out of your comfort zone, and test your resilience, patience, and emotions more than caring for some of the most vulnerable members of our society. 

Having said that, there is also no job more rewarding. Caring is a calling, a passion…a job you can be proud of, knowing that you are empowering someone every single day and making a huge difference to their quality of life. 

This is why we at Care In Kent want to share with you some of the reasons we think being a carer truly is the best job in the world. 

Working in care Is Rewarding

Despite the challenges that come with working in care, the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. 

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As a carer you experience huge rewards when you see the changes in an elderly person as they gain independence and grow in confidence, becoming happier and more fulfilled thanks to the care you provide. What can be better than knowing that’s down to you!?

There are also the ‘small’ rewards you’ll get to enjoy every day; the smiles, the conversations, the friendships…along with knowing that those you care for are safe, clean, comfortable, and well-cared for. 

You Learn Something New Every Day

When you are a carer, not only are you making a difference in the daily lives of those around you, but you are also making a big difference in your own. 

There are few other occupations that give you the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. Working in care means constantly gaining knowledge and learning new skills – whether that’s learning something interesting about the past, shedding preconceived perceptions you might have had about older people, learning about medical conditions like dementia or adapting to new ways of doing things and thinking on your feet.

Working in care Is Flexible

A huge benefit to working in the care industry is that it’s not your typical 9-5. 

Carers are required every day and at all hours, meaning that it is a flexible career that can fit in around you. 

If you have young children or are studying, for example, caring is one of the only industries that is likely to be able to offer you work that fits around your other commitments. 

And It’s Fun!

A lot of people don’t realise it, but working with people from all walks of life, all of whom have different experiences and stories to share is a lot of fun! 

First of all, life as a carer requires you to work closely with a team that will soon feel like family. You’ll laugh together, cry together, and support each other in a way that is unique to any other industry you’ll ever work in.  

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And then of course there are your clients. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever meet such a diverse bunch of interesting characters ever again in your life! With a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, no day is dull when you are caring for an older person – I’ve heard stories that have had me roaring with laughter, others that have made me cry, and heard things that would make your hair curl!

How could listening to the stories and anecdotes of someone who has lived a long, rich life full of experiences you can only imagine be anything but fun!?

You’ll Be Offered Pearls Of Wisdom

It’s certainly true that you get wiser with age, and our older generations are an untapped resource of pearls of wisdom that will make you think about life a little differently – and we all need that sometimes.

You’re Providing Peace Of Mind For Family Members

Working in care has a ripple effect. It’s not just the life of your client that you are changing; it will have a knock-on effect on their whole family. 

Carers are often able to pick up on issues that an older person’s family could miss – especially if they aren’t able to spend as much time with their loved one as they would like due to distance, work, or other commitments. 

Issues such as decreased appetite, increased confusion, or irritability are often picked up by carers before family members are even aware. Being able to recognise things that could be symptoms of a more serious problem, and then being able to relay that information back to family members and medical professionals, is something that could literally save someone’s life.

Then of course there is the peace of mind you provide to your client’s families just by being there. Knowing that Mum/Dad/Nan/Grandad/Auntie Ethel is being well-cared for in their own home by someone knowledgeable and professional will take a huge weight of worry off the shoulders of relatives who, for whatever reason, are unable to care for their loved ones themselves.

If caring is your calling, and you have a passion for the welfare of others, working in care could be for you! If you want to find out more about a career as a carer, or if you would like to talk about at-home care for someone you love,give a member of our dedicated team a call.