Working in care, the myths - image showing care worker / carer working with elderly gentleman

While not always glamorous, and certainly not predictable, working in care has plenty of attractive qualities. No two days are the same – making care work a great career choice for anyone who is tired of the monotony of your average 9-5, and the sense of belonging and pride that comes with being part of a caring team is unparalleled by any other industry.

The last few years have seen those working with the older generation as finally being seen by society and the government as essential key workers, rather than ‘unskilled’, and with that has come an increased awareness of the vast opportunities and rewards that working as a carer can bring. More and more people are recognising in themselves the key skills of compassion, dedication and patience, and how they can utilise those assets to forge a fulfilling career in helping to change people’s lives for the better.

The care sector is constantly evolving and growing, creating new roles and cutting new and progressive paths that make caring an exciting and challenging role. And yet there are still a lot of misconceptions about the industry that makes some people hesitant to follow their heart.

Working in care, the myths - image showing care worker / carer working with elderly gentleman

Care In Kent takes a look at some of the most common ones, and explains why life as a carer is better than you could ever imagine…

1. It’s Poorly Paid

While it’s fair to say that the desire and passion to care for other people isn’t monetarily driven, working with older people isn’t as poorly paid as you might think. At Care In Kent, we pay our dedicated carers £12.50-£13.00 an hour – which is more than the National Living Wage, and even more than the Real Living Wage paid in London.

When you couple this with the flexible hours that we can offer, a career working in care becomes an attractive prospect, whether you’re looking for a full or part-time role or something to fit in around family life or study.

2. There’s No Room To Progress

The care industry is one that offers plenty of room for growth, allowing those working in care to learn new skills or adapt and grow their existing ones.

If you want to widen and improve your skill set by learning new qualifications, leading to higher wages and more responsibilities, Care In Kent can support you every step of the way….speaking of which…

3. You Don’t Get Adequate Training    


Care In Kent offers unlimited support with its blended training programme which includes e-learning as well as classroom-based sessions, alongside ‘buddy-ups’ whilst working hands-on in the community. This means that every member of our team is adequately prepared for their role, armed with the skills and knowledge needed to perform their job to the very best of their abilities, and increasing that skill set every day.

We don’t send anyone out ‘blind’ – we all work together as a team, a family if you will, supporting and helping each other constantly so that we can provide a service that is second to none.

4. It’s Mainly About Personal Care

Caring for elderly people is always going to involve personal care – it’s part and parcel of the job and a key element in ensuring the comfort and health of our clients. But there is so much more to the role than that!

From helping someone with their shopping or preparing a meal, helping to create stimulating activities, or simply sharing a cuppa and lending a friendly ear, no two days working in care are the same.

Seeing the difference that you make to someone’s life just by being there with a friendly smile and a sunny disposition brings real joy.

5. It’s Just A Job For Women Though, Isn’t It?

A huge misconception about working in care is that carers are all women, and while women do make up a larger percentage of carers (around 58%), more and more men are finding care work a rewarding and fulfilling job opportunity.

When it comes to working with elderly people, your gender is irrelevant. A good Carer will have compassion, care, empathy and understanding….as well as a genuine passion for helping others – qualities that can be innate in anyone regardless of who they are and how they identify.  

6. I Won’t Have The Time To Drive Between Home

The thought of having to see several clients a day and knowing that you’ll be wasting precious time driving from client home to client home might be putting you off pursuing a career in care. At Care In Kent, we schedule travel time into the appointments – and also pay mileage, so you won’t be using your free time to drive to clients. 

7. Care Work Is Unfulfilling

Nothing could be further from the truth!

The majority of people who work in the care industry do so for the very reason that it IS incredibly fulfilling work – what could be more rewarding than knowing that you are making a real, positive difference to someone else’s life!?

Of course, working in care is challenging; physically, emotionally, and mentally….but the Care In Kent family always makes sure that every member of the team is well-equipped to deal with all situations, providing a strong support network where we share ideas and techniques – none of us here is an island!

8. There Are No Added Benefits

Life as a carer is more than just a job, it is a vocation that attracts only the most passionate individuals – and Care In Kent is steadfast and consistent in recognising and celebrating the work of our team and its individual members.

We’ve also implemented a friend bonus as part of our recruitment drive, where you can be rewarded for introducing someone you know to this most rewarding of job opportunities. Those who come on board with us also benefit from being a part of our employee assistance programme, as well as numerous learning, development and career progression opportunities.

If you’ve been deterred from pursuing a career in the care industry because of any of these common misconceptions, we hope we’ve bolstered your passion for joining us with these myth-busting truths!

You can find out more about working with us by checking out our Career Faqs or Why not get in touch with us today and find out more about making the most of your skill set to improve the lives of elderly people in your area? Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for all of our latest vacancies too!