OK, so we’re not sure if we’re technically allowed to steal that advertising tagline from he 1980s, but it fits our employment structure so well, that we couldn’t help ourselves!

The article delves into the emergence of flexible work hours and remote working, contrasting this trend with the traditional inflexibility of the care industry. Care In Kent stands out by offering roles in caregiving that cater to individual schedules, acknowledging the demanding yet fulfilling nature of such work.

Flexible working as a norm

Flexible work hours have certainly become a ‘thing’ in recent times, with the event of COVID-19 forcing many employers to start offering more flexible hours and remote working – and most would agree that the results have mostly been positive for both workers and businesses. However, the care industry has been notorious for not being able to offer such a luxury, after all, vulnerable people do not stop being so just because there’s a pandemic – if anything, their care needs increase, and the vast majority of carers are still recovering from the aftermath of the lockdowns, dealing with the effects that the pandemic had on both themselves and their clients in terms of stress, fear and anxiety, and general exhaustion.

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Making care work more accessible

Caring is a calling – it’s not just a job, and for those people who have resigned themselves to not being able to follow a career path in the care industry because of the much-documented long hours and demanding schedule that goes with the territory, why not take a look at what a career with Care In Kent has to offer.

We understand that life is busy, and that when it comes to work most of us have commitments that we need to work around, whether it’s studying, raising children, or even already working a part-time job. But that doesn’t have to stop you from pursuing a role in care – a highly rewarding and life-enriching experience that we are passionate about!

Want to work in care yourself?

Care In Kent can offer both full and part-time roles within our dedicated team, with flexible hours that fit in around you. Whether you’re looking for something that fits in around the kids’ school hours, are at university and can only be available during the holidays, or can only work evenings or weekends, Care In Kent can find a role to suit you, working with a range of clients as a homecare worker or support worker.

All we need from you is the passion and commitment to help others and the drive to give it your all! And if your circumstances change? – we can be flexible there too. We can increase or decrease hours to suit your changing needs, and if you don’t drive or rely on public transport, we can pair you with clients closer to home.

At Care In Kent, we pride ourselves on being a family and supporting our team members old and new in helping them to pursue their passion for caring in a way that suits their lifestyle – whatever that may be.

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