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For the Care In Kent family, it is the values we hold dear that are at the very heart of everything that we do when it comes to caring for your loved ones. We care for our clients in the same way we would want our family members to be cared for – with compassion. Our dedicated team knows that care and compassion go hand-in-hand – and we also know that they are not necessarily the same.

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Caring is the practice of looking after others, of fulfilling their needs, and showing kindness and concern – and at Care In Kent, it’s what we do; it is as natural to us as breathing. Compassion takes that care to another level, and it’s a quality we look for in everyone who joins our team. Compassion is an incredibly important component of client care at Care In Kent. It is a form of emotional engagement that allows our carers to understand and appreciate how those we care for are feeling and is vital in ensuring that our clients KNOW that they can share their feelings with us and receive complete empathy and understanding in return. 

Compassion is one of our key values, meaning that we focus not just on the practical side of care and providing for our clients’ needs, but also on immersing ourselves in their lives, walking in their shoes, and sharing in their challenges, and struggles and joys – experiencing the ups and downs with them, and using that to make us better carers. We know that by making the act of compassion just as important as the act of caring, we can form deeper and more meaningful relationships with those we care for – building trust and helping us to meet their emotional needs. It’s not just about ‘doing what needs to be done’, it’s about listening, talking, and understanding..we’re not interested in just the basics of care – we offer the whole package!

Compassion as Support: Empowering Clients and Families

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Combining care with compassion becomes even more vital and rewarding when caring for those who are most vulnerable, such as those with dementia, those living with chronic illness or pain, or those receiving end-of-life care. Showing compassion is a way of showing our support to those we care for, and their families – empowering them to speak up and share how they are feeling without fear or judgment or apathy. When we show compassion in these situations we’re helping family members who might be scared or confused to understand how they can show their own empathy and compassion. Perhaps they’re unsure how to interact compassionately with a loved one who is nearing the end of their life, or who is living with a condition such as Alzheimer’s, for example. It could be that they concentrate only on the practical side; cooking and cleaning, taking their loved one to doctors’ appointments, making sure they take medication etc, and are unsure how to show compassion and understanding in a situation that is so alien to them. Seeing the compassionate carers at Care In Kent in action can be as educational as it is comforting, providing family members with a blueprint to follow on those days when everything feels overwhelming and they can feel tensions rising.

Compassion in Action: Going Beyond the Basics

Compassion is one of our core values because we know that it goes a long way. Older people might be struggling with the sense that they are losing their independence and their dignity, and that their bodies and minds are failing them perhaps. To have someone listen to how they feel about the challenges that they face about growing older and empathising with those concerns can make a world of difference for seniors. This is why at Care In Kent, C is for Compassion; connecting with our clients – your loved ones – by becoming a part of their world, and allowing them to become a part of ours…sharing stories and memories, being empathetic and understanding. Because that’s how we believe everyone should be treated.  

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