‘Respect your elders’: we’ve all heard that expression. It’s a life lesson we encounter at some point in our lives – usually during our childhood, and is imparted upon us by those very ‘elders’ themselves; our parents, grandparents, maybe school teachers…

And it’s a good lesson to learn. 

Respect for History

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After all, where better to learn about the history and traditions of our family or the place in which we live than by listening to and cherishing the memories and wisdom of those who have experienced everything – and more! – before us?

No one takes this important life lesson to heart more than those who work within the Care In Kent family. For us, ‘respect’ is one of the core values that we live and work by every day. We know that older people should be treated with the utmost dignity and appreciation; it’s how we want our mothers and fathers to be treated, our grandparents and, in turn, our clients. However, we also know that in today’s society, where everyone is ‘too busy’ or in a rush, that the more elderly members of our community, and their contributions, ideas and opinions, can be too easily overlooked and dismissed. We won’t let that happen when it comes to those in our care. 

Respect in Action

In fact, one of the biggest draws of working with Care In Kent is being able to spend time with ‘our elders’; people who have so much wisdom to impart and stories to share. Seniors can teach all of us a thing or two about enduring change and handling adversity (as well as most other things to be honest!), and we cherish those lessons and moments. Even an older person who’s memory isn’t what it used to be, or who cannot hear or speak as well as they once could, has plenty to offer the younger generations – and we embrace it all! 

respect in action

At Care In Kent, we respect every client as an individual, and we believe that age is irrelevant when it comes to treating our fellow human beings with care. Our team is always considerate and polite, showing kindness and compassion, as well as listening to our clients’ opinions and feedback on the care that they receive. We know that just because someone’s mind and body is ageing, they are still the same person that they have always been; people who raised families, built careers, cared for others, had hobbies and interests, and suffered loss….people just like us – and what they have to say matters, and should be listened to. 

The Care In Kent family shows their deep respect for their clients – your loved ones – by always showing compassion and understanding for their needs, as well as communicating with them clearly and patiently. We always want those in our care to feel comfortable and safe. This is particularly important for our clients who are living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, for whom time and attention can do wonders for both mental and physical health.    

In such an intimate profession as caring, respect is absolutely paramount – especially if we are looking after someone’s personal care. The members of the Care In Kent team would never dismiss your loved one’s worries or concerns when it comes to any aspect of their care, and we can offer as much or as little assistance as is needed when it comes to tasks like bathing, helping someone to use the toilet, or even preparing a cup of tea or helping someone out of their chair. These are people with body autonomy, emotions, thoughts, and feelings…people who have lived full, rich lives – lives we want to continue to enrich through the work we do at Care In Kent. 

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